Jay-Z Feat. Beyonce - Pray [FreshGalaxy Remix][Nujabes Mash-Up]

Jay-Z Feat. Beyonce - Pray [FreshGalaxy Remix][Nujabes Mash-Up]
FreshGalaxy Remixes: Vol. 1 -


This is the 2nd track off of "FreshGalaxy Remixes: Vol. 1".

I mashed Jay-Z and Beyonce's track "Pray" [off of his album "American Gangster"] with Japanese Super-Producer Nujabes' and Japanese rapper Shing02's "Luv (sic) Part 3" [I also modified the Luv (sic) Part 3 track a bit, in terms of fade-outs/fade-ins, and using an equalizer to make the overall track sound sharper].

[This music video was made by combining scenes from Jay-Z's "99 Problems" and "Blue Magic", since the song "Pray" lacks a true music video]

[Its insane how a lot of the scenes from "99 Problems" & "Blue Magic" match the lyrics of "Pray", lmao]

[I removed the "Praaay, for me!" chorus parts from the "Pray" track, because it didn't match well with the "Luv (sic) Part 3" track]

[Beyonce just talks on the song, so it wouldn't make sense to find scenes of her to put in the

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