Beyonce the best!

Beyonce the best!
I can't describe this amazing woman!

And I am so sick of all the haters! You guys thinks that you are proving something for us Beyfan! And when we protect her you haters says that we are crazy fans, the worst fans, silly and need a life! BUT COME ON! We have choose to love Beyonce! Your videos CAN'T change us! And childrens who is 8-12 years old who are beliving all gossip! If they love Beyonce and see a hate-video you breaking their hearts! And Beyonce is one of the best role model out there and you know it! So stop! The childrens will not take drugs or be an alcoholic!

So I have a messege to all haters! It is YOU who don't have any LIFE! You CAN'T change our opinion about Bey! ♥ LIGHTS! SOMEBODY GETTIN FIRED! ♥ Peace! ♥

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