IF Destiny's Child

IF Destiny's Child
To all Destiny's Child lovers!!! This is "IF"! Hope you'll like it...

Hey it's me MIGZ!!!

this is my First Video Uploaded.......



If I Don't Pick Up The Phone Like I Use To (For You)

Don't You take It Personal


If I Don't Do All The Things That I Use To Do (To You)

I Ain't Mad At You


If You Get To Feeling Stressed Up In Your Chest Thinking

That You About To Lose (Baby It's True)

And If you losing Out On Sleep


Home Worrying About Me Ohhhhhh


This How It Be


If You Don't No

Now you Know You Going To Miss

My Love

And I Ain't Not Stressing Bout A Dog On Thing

Cause I was True When I Gave You

My Love (My Love Yeahhh)

If You Search You Will Never Find Another Love Like My Love

You going To M

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