Hip Hop Star - Beyonce ♪

Hip Hop Star - Beyonce ♪
Hip Hop Star - By Beyonce

(y) Dangerously in love [2003]

Lyrics -

[Intro (Big Boi)]

Slowly as Sir Luscious step up like a Q-Dawg

A-town's up, deuces down it's the new call

And you can dial 1-888-CUT-SOMETHING

I'm your kinky operator when you wanna f--- something

Ain't no dial tones just milestones, of pleasure to reach

To each his own, I'm a stone cold Aquarian freak

Humanitarian, barbarian but under the sheets

It's the player from the Point

And your girl from the D

Are you infatuated with me

I could end your curiosity

If you don't think I'm too rude

Here's your chance to make your move

I sit and wait for nobody

People say that my style is so crazy

I think you like it baby

Do you want to get nasty

I dare you to undress me

Baby, let me know if you wanna roll

With this hip hop star

Bamboos on pants down l

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