Destiny's child-T-Shirt w/lyrics

Destiny's child-T-Shirt w/lyrics
Destiny's child-T-Shirt w/lyrics

[Spoken Beyonce]

Hey Baby

I Wish You Could See What I Have On Right Now

You So Sexy

Imagine How Intense It Would Be

To Hold Me Right Now

Our Song's Playing

[Verse 1 Beyonce]

At Night, When You're Far And I'm Alone

I Feel The Fabric From Your T-Shirt

Close To My Body

I Can Still Hear Your Baritone

In My Ear Telling Me You'll Take It Slow

And I Was In The Mirror Playing A Roll

Like You Work It, I Couldn't Turn Me On

So I Fell Asleep With The Music On

Woke Up Again Hearing The Same Old Song, Playing

[PreChorus Kelly]

(Oh) Give It To Me Deeper

(Oh) Giving Me The Fever

(Oh) Now You Got My Feet Up

This One Is A Keeper

Now The Second Verse Is Playing

(Oh) We Tried To Stand Up

(Oh) Hold Me While My Hands Up

(Oh) And The Music Picks Up

Fantasies Were Shook Up

I'm Think

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