Beyonce - CNN Larry King Interview - April 2009

Beyonce - CNN Larry King Interview - April 2009

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She is talking about Michelle Obama, President Obama, action role in 'Obsessed', Chris Brown and Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, on her influence, on singing for Obamas, on stage and in 'zone' and her new tour


In a recent interview to CNN, Beyonce was asked how she feel about the incident between Rihanna and Chris Brown in February:

Well, I think shes doing a lot better, she is such a very talented woman and very smart. I think its very important to give people their privacy, so all you can do is pray and, you know, leave it up to the people around and her to make great decisions. And she has, and she will and, you know, Im here to support her, as well as all my family, shes like family to me.

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