Yes - Beyonce ♪

Yes - Beyonce ♪
Yes - By Beyonce

(y) Dangerously in love [2003]

Lyrics -

I said yes to your number

And yes to you dating me

Yes we can be together

But you gotta wait for me

The first time i said no

Its like I never said yes

I said yes we can be together

Yes you can stay with me

But when I say no not tonight

You actin so ungratefully

The first time I said no

Its like I never said yes

You was on the wall

I was with my crew

You was watching me baby

I was watching you

Slowly you walked over

I maintained my cool

You said hello to me

I said hello to you

You ask me where I'm from

I asked you what you do

You some how intrigued me

I thought you were so cool

Somewhere between hi and goodbye

I felt so comfortable

I felt like we could talk all night

So i gave my number to you

I said

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