Destiny's Child - Get on the bus

Destiny's Child - Get on the bus
Destiny's Child

Get On The Bus

Disc: The Writing's On The Wall / Why Do Fools Fall In Love Soundtrack



Uh, uh


Hey baby, how you

Why your face lookin' all sad and blue

Don't you like the Navigator truck that I brought you

Why you tryin' to act a fool

Don't try to say you seen me talking to your girlfriends

Ask Tonya and Shirl then

Gimme a place and time when

Don't try to accuse me of silly stuff that I'm doing on the streets

You gotta remember, without you, there's no me

I'm just an average man

Tryin' to make it in this cold world

So tell me baby, why you trippin', girl


I don't wanna fuss with you

So I'm gonna sit out on the couch

Don't try to talk to me

Cause boy I am locking you out

I don't wanna hear a thing

Nothing you got to say

You should think

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