Beyonce to Star in Cadillac Records....

Beyonce to Star in Cadillac Records....
'Cadillac Records,' Starring Beyonce, Isn't Like 'Walk The Line,' Columbus Short Insists

'Stomp the Yard' actor, who will play blues legend Little Walter, claims flick is more of a 'Chess Records biopic' than the story of label founder Leonard Chess.

by Shawn Adler

Columbus Short (MTV News)

Last week, MTV News reported that Beyoncé Knowles was set to make her post-"Dreamgirls" return to the big screen playing Etta James in "Cadillac Records," a biopic about legendary

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record producer Leonard Chess.

That's only half-true, co-star Columbus Short corrected when we met up with him on the set of his new movie "Armored," calling "Cadillac Records" less a film about Chess than it is a look into the artists, the culture and, most importantly, the music that surrounded him.

"There is a Leonard Chess movie that is more of a biopic, but this is more of a M

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